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Bio / CV



2006-2008 Master in Clinical Research, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos (UAEM). Cuernavaca, Mexico

1993-1996 Fellowship in Pediatric Gastroenterology, Boston Children´s Hospital,Harvard University. Boston, USA

1990-1993 Residency in Pediatrics, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University. Boston, USA

1983- 1989 Medical School, Universidad Autónma de México (UNAM). Mexico City

1997-1998  Contemporary Art (workshops), Massachusetts College of Art. Boston, USA

1982-1990 Art Workshops, Robin Bond studios.  Mexico City

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2007: * “Recent Work”. Museo de Arte “La Cereria”. Instituto de Cultura de Morelos, Tlayacapan, Morelos, Mexico. 

2006: * “Recent Works”. Anarte Gallery. San Antonio, Texas. 

             * Galleria Bertha Scwharcztein, Mexico City

2004: * Meditaciones en arte”. Galería Reposado. Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. 

1998: * Recent Works. Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge Massachusetts. (Exposicion Individual)


1997: * Bamboo Diary. Ashwell Gallery, Beverly, MA, USA (Solo show)


Selected Group Exhibitions

2019: *“Spring 2019 Dean's Gallery Show” Univ of Colorado, Anschutz campus.


2012: *“Studio without walls”, Brookline MA, USA.


2011: *“Studio without walls”, Brookline MA, USA. 


2010: *“Permanencia y Desaparicion” (Permanence and Disappearance). Centro Cultural Estudio 5, Cuernavaca, Morelos.


2009: *“Delineando espejos”, (Tracing mirrors). Galeria Naturaleza Mexicana. Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico


2008: *Large Mural (“Escaleras”) Main Lobby of National Institute of Rehabilitation. Mexico, City, Mexico. 

2006 * Siquieros Museum (Taller Siqueiros). Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes. Cuernavaca, Mexico.


2005: * “Inside and Out”. Galeria Naturaleza Mexicana. Mexico City, Mexico. 


2001:  * VII Bienal Internacional de poesía visual y II muestra de instalación y performance. Museo Borda, Cuernavaca, Morelos.


1999: * Body as a Commodity. Nexus Contemporary Art Center. Atlanta, Ga, USA 


1996: * “1996 National Competition”. Provincetown Art Association and Museum. Provincetown, Massachusetts. (Juried group show) Curator: Judith Tannenbaum (Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Art). 


* “Read White and Blue”. Ashwell Gallery, Beverly, Massachusetts. 


* “The Painter’s Eye”. The Stage Gallery, Merrick, New York. (Juried group show) Curator: Marietta Warner Siegel.


* “Full Circle”. Gallery 52 Artworks. Cooperstown, New York.


* “The Anxiety of Influence”. Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge Massachusetts. (Juried group show) Curators: Jock Reynolds (Philips Academy of Art) and Stephen Paine (Boston Museum of Fine Art).


* “Passover and Passed Over”. The Ashwell Gallery, Beverly, Massachusetts. (Juried group show)  Curator: George Gabin (Montserrat College of Art).


* “5th National Art Exhibition of the Northern Colorado Artists Association”. Fort Collins, Colorado (Juried group show) Curator: Wayne Wolf.


* Denisse Besio Gallery. Seattle, Washington. 


* 360 Fine Art. Seattle, Washington


* “Hearts and Other Body Parts”. Ashwell Gallery, Beverly, Massachusetts. (Juried group show) Curator: Frank Schaeffer.


1995: * “Small works” Chuck Levitan Gallery. SOHO, New York. (Juried group show) Curator: Ivan Karp (OK Harris Gallery) 


            * “Le Petit III” Alder Gallery. Eugene, Oregon.


1993:  * “What’s Up Doc?”. Ovo Gallery. Boston, Massachusetts.


1988 & 1990:  * Robin Bond Gallery. Mexico City


1987:  * Pedro Gerson Gallery. Mexico City

Gallery Representations:

Anarte Gallery. San Antonio, Tx, USA. (2006-2009)

Bertha Scwharcztein Gallery,.Mexico City, Mexico. (2006-2008)

NM Contemporaneo Gallery. Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico (2009-2012)

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